LHC Pharmaceuticals defending the well-being of all species

“defending the health and well being of all species by providing the world first class medicine and related products”

About Us


In South Africa, the majority of people who were previously disadvantaged could not have access to medicine in the early 80’s. Dr Sello Rathete a medical practitioner (founder) was highly motivated to his work of travelling 300km daily to provide the needed service to the people while working at the Groothoek Hospital in the Rural Limpopo province. The people of Sekhukhune district were dying of Silicosis’s resulting from the old Silica mines dumps surrounding their villages (Mafefe Villages). The need for universal access remained in their minds and ten years later in 2008 they met and started following their dreams, with a vision to make a difference in making medicine accessible to the needy people.


• To promote, improve, and defend the health and well-being of all species by enhancing the manufacturing, distribution and supply of the world class pharmaceuticals and related products.
• Making healthcare more accessible, especially in the rural communities and underserved areas focusing on South Africa , Southern African Countries and Africa at large
• Make healthcare delivery more efficient and cost effective


To become leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, by encompassing medicine ownership and manufacturing.

Our Partners

KRKA– It is our platinum partner providing us with pipeline of generic products appropriate to the Southern African market exclusively.
NOSCO PHARMA – A French based company having an agreement on BCG vaccines and Intravesical BCG for bladder cancer. The SAHPRA has given us a fast track authorization. NOSCO is our Biosimilars and Biologicals partner.
ANIMAL HEALTH – Finalization of an agreement between LHC and several Animal Health Corporations for daughter registration of certain dossiers.
FABTECH Technologies International – A provider of turnkey pharmaceutical engineering solutions.


We specialise with both generic medicines for human and daughter dossier registration for the Animal Health. Our generic products ranges from prescription and non-prescription medicines as well as Over-The-Counter products, while in veterinary we seek to provide different ranges of products viz, Food Supplements, Ecto-parasiticides, Endo-parasiticides, vaccines and different types of antimicrobials. To achieve that, we needed to partner with the world leading industry players and manufacturers. All are products are registered with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAPHRA).

Over-The-Counter (OTC) formulations
Prescription-only, generic medication

Prescription Or Scheduled Products







Respiratory Products

Complimentary Or Over The Counter Medicines


Oral Hygiene


Strato Health Products Registered By LHC





Our approach to our business is somewhat unique in that we have entered the market in a fashion that some may consider back to front. However, we believe that in the pharmaceuticals industry, complete business understanding needs to come from within. It is for this reason we began with our “end to the beginning” approach. This was achieved by beginning at the end of the chain and moving to the beginning. Simply put, we began by retailing in 2001, distribution two years later in 2003, and in 2006 entered the ownership of drugs/medicines (registered dossiers) through LHC Pharmaceuticals.